Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lantern Making for the Lantern Parade - Friday 8th November

All the pupils from Gunnerside & Reeth School have been busy making lanterns for the Lantern Parade on Friday 8th November as part of the Keld Festival Weekend.

The Lantern Parade is to mark the 60th anniversary of mains electricity arriving in Keld Village.
To these 21st century children, sixty years ago is 'the olden days', but it is, in fact, very recent history. 

Thanks go to the Yorkshire Dales National Parks for providing the willow and to the children and staff of Reeth & Gunnerside Federated Primary School for their enthusiasm and support.

We are all looking forward to event and in particular keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!
More photographs and a full report after the event.
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