Sunday, 27 October 2013

Artist in Residence

It was a pleasure to welcome Reverends Richard and Rosemary Kidd ( two for the price of one!) as Ministers-in-Residence in The Manse for Harvest Festival.  Here a few of their recollections and memories of their visit to Keld.

A great week in this really excellent accommodation.  Bad weather gave us the excuse to enjoy creative pursuits.  It was a special privilege to be the very first to welcome Rev Stephen Collinson to The Manse - although he declined to explore upstairs in deference to our privacy!  When our daughter and baby grandson visited, we set off on the Waterfall Walk, enjoying the innocent delight of a one-year-old in every sheep on the way.  Thank you so much for the warm hospitality of the Christians of Keld, and especially Glenda, for keeping the house in such good order.
Richard and Rosemary Kidd.  Ministers in Residence 28th September - 8th October

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