Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Spit, Polish and Spade work!

Now that the builders have almost finished their work on the former
Keld Literary Institute, its time for a tidy up.
A team of volunteers worked hard to clean the Countryside & Heritage Centre
 so that it is ready to be re-opened to the public at the earliest opportunity.
The outside space has received some long overdue attention and
a large area of original cobbles and a flagged path have been unearthed.
Wow! What an improvement.
A massive thank you to Rebecca & Derek Bowhay of Tutil House
and Mark & David P of Thorns Cottage
for giving their time and energy this evening.  

Children's Art Workshop for Showing You the Way .....

Today eight children gathered at Pry House Farm to make a start on creating
the artwork for the new children's guide Showing You the Way -
a circular walk from Keld to Angram.
The children spent an industrious couple of hours making observational drawings
of what they had seen on the walk.
A lot was achieved in our first session - thank you very much.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Lit Institute Refurb - The Final Furlong

The long awaited, much debated lift has finally been installed
in the newly refurbished Keld Centre.

David Foreman of Forefit Structural Glass fits the grid that will hold the glass panel
above the stairwell allowing light to filter through to the kitchenette area.
 The framework has been installed for the new automatic doors
into the Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre.
The Visitor Centre has been decorated and very soon will be opening its doors
(quite literally!) to holiday makers and day visitors to Keld. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Lit Institute Progress Report

The finish line is creeping closer and soon the old Keld Literary Institute
building will be completely transformed into a multi functional space
 fit for the 21st century.
There's workmen all over the place.
Joiners, plumbers and heating engineers working hard to get the job done. 
The whole place is lighter and brighter now that Jeremy Moon,
the decorator has worked his magic.
And there's even running water!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Keld / Angram Circular - Family Walk

This year sees a new addition to our range of children's guided walk leaflets ...
Showing You the Way ................
Today three local families walked the 2 mile circular trail taking photographs,
making observations and mapping the route.
Fossil hunting
Finding flowers using meadow guides

Exploring high and dry
Probing in puddles & streams
A walk for the whole family.
In the summer holidays we will get together to produce the artwork for the new
Showing You the Way ....
Keld - Angram Circular ~  Children's Guided Walk

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Upper Room Looking Good!

The refurbishment of the upper room in the Keld Literary Institute
 is moving forward in leaps and bounds.
The walls have been plastered and the kitchen / prep area
has gone from this ...............
...... to this.  Very smart!

The lift surveyor makes some final checks

and the cupboard doors in the large group room are hung.
Its lovely to see the place taking shape. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Waterfalls of the Swale

Waterfalls of the River Swale.
A guided walk to view nine waterfalls all within one mile radius of each other. 
Led by Griff Fellows, author of Waterfalls of England, the walk was a huge success
with 20 people coming to Keld to take part. 
Thanks to everyone for supporting this event
and to our knowledgeable and experienced volunteers for guiding the walk.