Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ministry of Sunshine

The Rev George Courtney and his wife Doreen have been staying in The Manse as Minister-in-Residence.  They arrived with friends on Saturday 1st June and the sun shone every day. George and Doreen are regular visitors to The Manse and its always lovely to welcome them back. 

They send this message:-

Although I have been to Keld a number of times before and had met Glenda Calvert each time - this was the first time she shared a very important piece of information with me.  It concerns something that would a) make life easier for the hard working farmers b) bring more people to Keld and c) make me very happy.  Apparently, every time (well almost!) there is a Minister in Residence at the Keld Manse the sun shines.  Just think of the number of times that would be helpful; the lambing season, hay time, the walking season etc.  So, the answer appears to be, to invite more people to be Ministers-in-Residence and if there is found to be a shortage, I am more than willing to be on call.

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