Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Katie's Story

There is a long history of dedicated people who have championed Keld; whether they are locals or frequent visitors and holiday makers, Keld has certainly made an impression on the lives of many.  I was somewhat of a late-comer to the beauty of Keld and the work of the Keld Resource Centre yet I can still remember the first time I came off the Kirkby road and into Keld itself.  I was a 17 year old southerner who was (and still is) enamoured by the sight of sheep in a field, the sound of birds singing and waterfalls!  As we drove down the lane into Keld, I remember feeling a real sense of wonder that a place like this, surrounded by such stunning nature and landscape, actually existed.  At night it was silent, something that an urban area can never be, with a multitude of stars in the sky.  Such a contrast to my experience of the UK and a lifestyle so far removed from my life.  I was hooked!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to become more familiar withe the work and vision of the Keld Resource Centre.  The biggest privilege has been to spend wonderful holidays in the beautifully restored Manse (completed in 2009) with my husband and our extended family.  I had stayed in The Manse before as an intrepid 17 year old, however this was prior to its 21st century revamp.  This was during an era when it was used as sleeping quarters for groups using the forner Literary Institute and old school building; when ever room had bunk beds, there was no central heating and the shower pumped out freezing cold water.  Despite this, the sheer charm and beauty of Keld continued to inspire me.

The Manse is now a haven.  The place has been transformed into a stunning Dales home with everything you could want and need for a country get away.  It is spacious yet cosy, every little detail has  been thought out.  You could not ask for a better, more tranquil location with walks directly from your front door and the beautiful view of the valley as you step from your holiday home.  You enter into a different lifestyle when you stay in Keld.  We always feel privileged to witness the everyday to-in and fro-ing of tractors, walkers and sheep alike.  An everyday occurrence for Dales folk but an absolute novelty for us!

For my husband and I, nothing beats a cuppa, a slice of Glenda's cake and a proper Yorkshire fire.  There is something truely special happening in Keld as the community moves into the future and by supporting The Manse, we too are playing our part.
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