Saturday, 18 May 2013

The A-Z of Upper Swaledale; a Swaledale Alphabet

The second project undertaken, jointly, with the Keld Resource Centre and Reeth & Gunnerside School was an A-Z of Upper Swaledale. 
The children chose to use the school colours, purple and gold, for the block letters of the alphabet.  To describe the leaflet they chose the line 'Beautiful dale, home of the Swale' taken from the dale's most popular & evocative song 'Swaledale'.

Year 5 & 6 pupils with their original pen and ink drawings

After listing everything the children could think of that makes Swaledale special, each child was allocated a letter and they worked on creating a pen and ink image.

 The Keld Resource Centre is very grateful to school staff member, Mr Robbie Kelly who gave his time to format the children's artwork for the finished leaflet.

The A-Z guide will be available in tourist information points, pubs, hotels & cafes between Keld and Reeth and at The Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre.

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