Friday, 17 May 2013

Forging Links with Young People in The Dale

Its always heartening to see young people in Keld.  During the school holidays there are often lots of children here on holiday; camping, caravanning or in holiday cottages. 
But what about our own dale's children?  Where do they go school?  Certainly not in Keld as the village school closed in 1973.  For many years the children travelled to Gunnerside for their primary education and then to Richmond (a good hour by coach for some).  They still do go to Richmond for their secondary education but recently Gunnerside Methodist Controlled Primary School confederated with Reeth Primary School and now children are educated on both sites.
  Since 2012 The Keld Resource Centre has developed close links with Reeth & Gunnerside Primary School and worked with the children and staff on two projects.  The first being....

Showing You The Way........ 
A Children's Guide from Keld to Muker

There are plenty of maps, leaflets and literature available for adults in any tourist outlet but very few to interest children so together with the Year 6 pupils we set about producing a children's guide of the walk between Keld and Muker.

 On 11th June 2012 the Year 6 children came to Keld and we followed the River Swale to Muker only branching off the path to explore Crackpot Hall.  As we walked, the children made notes and sketches and took photographs of what interested them and what they thought visiting children might like to know more about. 
Crossing the River Swale at Ramps Holme Bridge

Finally making our way through the famous hay meadows at  Muker Bottoms.
Back in the classroom the children used their recorded notes and observations to create the illustrations for the map, made contributions to the text and decided upon a name for the guide,
Showing You The Way.........  

The guide was completed and printed in time for the summer holidays.  These children, about to start the walk with their parents, were delighted to find a guide especially designed with them in mind.

If you are in Keld please pick up a copy of Showing You The Way.... from
The Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre

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