Sunday, 18 August 2013

Unexpected Guest Drops in at The Manse

Look very closely and you will see a young starling sitting on the fire grate!
I was alerted to this problem by the family staying in The Manse last week.  Unfortunately I was on holiday myself in Northumberland so was unable to help.  This little chap made such a noise as it scrabbled and scratched in the chimney that our poor guests thought there was someone downstairs!  A real Hitchcock experience! 
As you can see our resourceful family were able to rescue him and set him free. 
I am glad to say that this has never happened before so please do not let this story put you off booking The Manse for your holiday later this year or during 2014.  The family concerned assures me that it did not spoil their holiday and that they enjoyed the cottage and our beautiful dale.  We would certainly welcome them back.

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